Wood Fireplaces




Wood Fireplace Insert
A self-contained firebox unit which inserts into an existing masonry opening with a chimney. A stainless steel chimney lining must be installed into the chimney to connect to the insert to vent the emissions.






Freestanding Woodstoves
Free-standing wood heating appliances primarily made of steel or cast iron. Woodstoves range in sizes appropriate to heat spaces from 300 to 3000 square feet. They provide radiant and convective heating and require no electrical blowers to circulate the heat. There are many sizes, colors, and styles to choose from.


The Benefits of Certified Woodstoves & Fireplace Inserts
•    Low maintenance
•    Clean burning
•    Highly efficient
•    Less wood, More heat
•    Cost effective
•    Quiet operation
•    Renewable fuel source





Zero clearance fireplace
Zero clearance refers to a firebox enclosed in a metal cabinet. This would apply to new applications, such as a new build or a renovation. This allows combustible framing to come in contact with standoffs which are built into the cabinet. No need to worry about clearance codes with this type of fireplace.

 The Benefits of Factory-built Woodburing Fireplaces
•    Installation versatility
•    Inexpensive installation
•    High efficiency units
•    Renewable fuel



Tips for good fuel – Download PDF

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