Gas Fireplaces



Natural Gas/Propane fireplaces are the clean burning and convenient alternative to a wood fire.

Enjoy the warmth and comfort you desire, but without the bother and mess of wood. Available in traditional, contemporary, and country styles.
Many colours and styles to choose from:

Gas Fireplaces
Gas fireplaces are designed to have the surrounding wall constructed around them so the finishing options are up to you. Minimum space requirements make placement even more flexible.

Regeancy P42

Gas Fireplace Inserts
For existing masonry fireplace openings. A factory built stove to fit neatly inside. Inserts are air-tight to maximize heating efficiency

Regency U31

Gas Stoves
Freestanding gas stoves, elegantly crafted out of steel or cast iron. Styles range from contemporary, formal, casual, and country appeal.


Regency H27 Seaside Sand



Gas Logs 
Go into existing masonry openings. They have great flames, are inexpensive to install, are easy to operate and require very little upkeep.
They are perfect for anyone who wants that big fire with little heat. However, the integrity of the flue must be suitable.

Peterson Gas Logs – Split Oak

The benefits of gas appliances
•    Easy installation
•    Easy maintenance
•    Clean-burning
•    Highly efficient
•    Push-button convenience
•    Cost effective
•    Consistent heat
•    Mess-free
•    Electricity-free

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